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Austria is not only rich in culture and history, music and the arts, it is also a venerable plethora of stories and tales, legends and mysteries, unknown secrets and hidden gems.

In this section we have compiled a huge variety of interesting and lesser known facts and information for editors, writers, freelancers, show hosts – in whatever way you are related with the travel media. From special events to background information (see the “About Us” section), articles sorted by topic to hot-off-the-presses press releases, exciting story ideas and an elaborate photo and video archive – your needs will be taken care of.

Enjoy browsing and feel inspired to discover the secrets of Austria!

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15.03.2016: Exquisitely Austrian: Salzburg

Exquisitely Austrian: Salzburg

“Of all the lovely regions I have seen, none can compare to Salzburg’s striking natural beauty,” said the city’s most famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Salzburg – and the surrounding province of the same name – stands out in this world like nowhere else. more »

15.03.2016: Exquisitely Austrian: Vienna

Exquisitely Austrian: Vienna

Austria’s capital offers a unique blend of Imperial traditions and stunning architecture. The combination of grand palaces, a cornucopia of fascinating and worldly museums, amazing art collections, Imperial architecture, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, and the very special Viennese charm, shaped Vienna into the city that it is today. more »

15.03.2016: Austrian Tourist Office invites you to discover yourself in Austrian time

Austrian Tourist Office invites you to discover yourself in Austrian time

Statistics prove that Austria is one of the most sought after European destinations. The perfect combination of culture and nature is the primary appeal of Austria as a destination, the essence of what the Austrian Tourist Office has already been focusing on in its marketing efforts. more »

09.03.2016: Bregenzerwald: back to nature

Bregenzerwald: back to nature

In the Bregenzerwald, known for artisanal goods and innovative design, nature weaves a vibrant tapestry through the cultural landscape. more »

09.03.2016: Vienna: vineyard charmer

Vienna: vineyard charmer

Wrapping Vienna in a bucolic embrace are more than 1,700 acres of vineyards that have long been a restorative escape for nature lovers and wine enthusiasts alike.  more »

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