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Austria is not only rich in culture and history, music and the arts, it is also a venerable plethora of stories and tales, legends and mysteries, unknown secrets and hidden gems.

In this section we have compiled a huge variety of interesting and lesser known facts and information for editors, writers, freelancers, show hosts – in whatever way you are related with the travel media. From special events to background information (see the “About Us” section), articles sorted by topic to hot-off-the-presses press releases, exciting story ideas and an elaborate photo and video archive – your needs will be taken care of.

Enjoy browsing and feel inspired to discover the secrets of Austria!

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19.10.2016: Happy 150th Birthday, Hotel Sacher Salzburg!

Happy 150th Birthday, Hotel Sacher Salzburg!

Happy 150th Birthday, Hotel Sacher Salzburg! more »

19.10.2016: Secret Sacher Experiences

Secret Sacher Experiences

It’s one thing to enjoy a destination, it’s quite another to experience it with those in the know. Discover what’s possible and let the Hotel more »

19.10.2016: Teddy-bear Adventures

Teddy-bear Adventures

The Petit Sacher program pampers those with Teddy-bear tastes, inviting them to explore the story-filled Hotel Sacher. Fun-filled adventures with entertaining guides also take them out on the town. more »

13.10.2016: Hand-crafted Schnapps, Tirolean Style

Hand-crafted Schnapps, Tirolean Style

If you’ve never tasted Austrian schnapps, prepare to be enlightened. Follow schnapps aficionados to Tirol, where artisan distillers take you on a journey from the orchard to the glass. more »

13.10.2016: The Green Ring: Arlberg’s Fabled Trails

The Green Ring: Arlberg’s Fabled Trails

In a landscape already enchanted by nature, art installations evoke mythical creatures and mystical worlds. Hike the Green Ring trails and come away more deeply refreshed. more »

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