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Austria is not only rich in culture and history, music and the arts, it is also a venerable plethora of stories and tales, legends and mysteries, unknown secrets and hidden gems.

In this section we have compiled a huge variety of interesting and lesser known facts and information for editors, writers, freelancers, show hosts – in whatever way you are related with the travel media. From special events to background information (see the “About Us” section), articles sorted by topic to hot-off-the-presses press releases, exciting story ideas and an elaborate photo and video archive – your needs will be taken care of.

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25.08.2016: Fun at the Museum

Fun at the Museum

Who said that museums have to be stiff, dusty and boring? How about awesome, fascinating and educational? Austria’s museums have something for everyone’s taste, be it interactive or passive, classical or contemporary. The buildings themselves are works of art! more »

25.08.2016: Time to explore the beauty of nature!

Time to explore the beauty of nature!

It’s rude to stare, but when confronted with some of the most awe inspiring Alpine mountain scenery, you can stare as long as you like. The states of Salzburg and Tirol offer soaring scenic hikes and truly one-of-a-kind nature wonders to explore.  more »

25.08.2016: Happy Birthday Mozart!

Happy Birthday Mozart!

Celebrate his birth and death in the same year? 2016 marks not only the 225th anniversary of Mozart’s death, but also his 260th birthday. Celebrate with us at his birth city of Salzburg and Vienna, where the musical genius lived until his death. more »

25.08.2016: Time to explore Austria’s Historic Wine Country

Time to explore Austria’s Historic Wine Country

The beautiful Wachau Valley is just a stone’s throw from Vienna. Although there is so much to do and see that it would fill an entire vacation, we have some suggestions to get the most out of your visit – even if it is only for a single day!  more »

06.07.2016: Everyone Deserves a Spa Day

Everyone Deserves a Spa Day

After hours spent taking in the sights, even young travelers need a break. The Sacher Boutique Spa pampers kids and teens with treatments created just for them. more »

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